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Yogini Aditi

Yogini Aditi


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I am Aditi Tandon , deeply committed educator with a passion for Yoga , Reiki Healing , Personal Training , Kids Yoga Instruction with 4 + years educational and practical experience in teaching Hatha and Vinyasa flow classes.

My classes is based on strength , balance , flexibility and overall fitness .  Everyone is not the same, doesn’t have the same body , thus require different body alignment according to their body type and medical conditions. So, I provide yoga sequence according to an individual body type and medical conditions to get optimum results.

Generally , I take Vinyasa (A vinyasa is a smooth transition between asanas in styles of modern yoga )  and Hatha Classes.

Let’s go through a brief introduction of my Yoga Teaching :

● Instructing all the students about the proper asanas and yogic positions that will help them to stay fit.
● Leading group classes and creating a curriculum and lead groups through various levels and types of yoga practice.
● Taking into account the health problems of the students and teaching them accordingly.
● Imparting knowledge about proper breathing techniques as they are most important aspect of yoga.
● Achieving the varied objectives of people with which they join yoga classes.
● Utilizing active listening skills, providing coaching, information and support to empower the member to make ongoing
independent healthy lifestyle choices.
● Ensuring our Members are safe at all times throughout classes.
● Ability to remain calm under pressure and committed to always remain a seeker , eager for growth, coaching, and continued


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