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Yoga Fitness, Face Yoga and Yoga Psychotherapy

Yoga Fitness, Face Yoga and Yoga Psychotherapy


Product Description

At Yoga With Kartika, we celebrate the ancient wisdom found in yoga and seek to share it with all. This online community is home to all levels of practitioners, recognizing that each individual has their own, unique path to follow.

Through this space, you will have access to Community, Culture, Care, Connection, Inspiration and Motivation to step on your yoga mat whilst experiencing deeply nourishing spiritual and yogic practices to enhance your yoga (union) at all levels i.e. emotional, mental, physical and spiritual.


These are specially designed packages which try to understand energy imbalances in the body that manifest as physical and emotional issues in the form of energy blocks in the body and chakras that lead to chronic illnesses. E.g. emotional issues like depression, anxiety and disorders, stage fright, communication blocks, hypertension or hyperactivity, and more. Physical issues like excessive weight, chronic back pain, throat pain, stomach pain or digestion issues, and more.

  • Private consultation on emotional and physical health status
  • Customised sessions for your needs and routines based on your body type
  • Chanting for chakra activations
  • Breathing for clearing blocks
  • Asanas for specific chakras related to the issue/illness
  • Relaxation and meditation

Elderly and Pre-Post Pregnancy Sessions would include usage of props like pillows and chair or wall. 

FACE YOGA SESSIONS would include-

  • Facelift massages
  • Face exercises
  • Acupressure
  • Relaxation
  • Breathing exercises
  • Energy work and meditation


These sessions are perfect for your if you are curious about starting your healing journey through yoga psychotherapy and therapy to treat any particular physical or psycho-emotional condition. Issue can be a physical illness or mental illness, and we will find its root cause through yoga counselling and therapy. Most of the times my clients are surprised to find the root of their illness located in a harmless place, and absolutely curable.

Sessions include = Ayurveda + Integral Chakra Counselling (Jnana Yoga) – Chakra Healing + Energy Work (Tantra Yoga) – Meditation & Visualizations (Raja Yoga)

Personalized plan include =  Asana + Pranayama + Kriya + Bandha (Hatha Yoga) – Chanting (Bhakti & Karma Yoga) – Other homework

These sessions are based on the Pre-Vedic and Vedic wisdom of Classical Yoga branches, Chakras and Ayurveda, which holds the true potential that every human soul carries. Yoga Psychotherapy works through all the 5 layers of the body- physical, emotional, intellectual, mental, and spiritual.

Most of us are wounded with many issues due to our childhood wounds, and past and present Karma. This leads to imbalances in our Chakras and we continue to operate from these wounds, developing many physical and psychological illnesses as we age. But healing is possible. You do not need to suffer, because suffering means ignorance of the self. Healing begins with self-awareness. With these sessions we will work on the knowledge of the inner self with regular reflections (Svadhyaya) and treat with physical practice (Yoga Sadhana) through homework.

We will explore your goals for healing, and will leave you with action points & an individualized plan that you can start using right away. We will spend time going deeper and learning what your chakra imbalances are and sensitivities. I will be guiding you through to find the answers that you already have, deep within, and coach you through a deep healing journey. On an average, 3 sessions are required to complete the counselling process and find the root cause. 1 session per week is the general gap between sessions.


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