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Online Platform for Yoga practices

Online Platform for Yoga practices


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Hello Yogis

If you are here, searching and reading about Yoga and Yoga teachers who can help you through your yoga journey, you are half way through. Being aware about your requirements and working on them is a very important step in life. Finding a match for yourself, someone who can guide you and be with you throughout your journey is next step.

I am also a yoga practitioner. I have been practicing for 5 years now. I have done 3 years Graduation + 2 years Masters degree in Yoga and yogic sciences. In addition to this, I have also done 200hrs TTC and have worked as yoga instructor in two companies: Sarva Yoga and (You can search both on google and check how big these companies are in the field on Yoga and fitness)

As a yoga practitioner and instructor it is my responsibility to provide you a balanced yoga practice according to your level and abilities. I genuinely won’t ask you to skip the basic part and jump to power or advanced level yoga. Yoga practices are not only to achieve the tough postures but to love yourself in every position and every step of the practice.

Always start from the ground level, it may include Hatha yoga, ashtanga-vinyasa, restorative yoga, Iyengar yoga at beginners or inter-mediate level in the beginning. Some days you will find yourself craving for spirituality and that time we can focus on mindfulness, meditation and breathwork only. With time and regular practice we will step up the level of classes.

A yoga teacher requires communication skills, listening skills, adaptability, empathy and patience. I can assure you to have faith in me for all these qualities and understanding your needs.

As your guide, it is my responsibility to provide you safe space and comfortable environment.

If you feel we can maintain a positive connection, I would be glad to practice with you and share my knowledge.


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