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Mindfulness Coaching With Knapps

Mindfulness Coaching With Knapps


Product Description

Uniquely given

The traits of provision

Established through sinnin’

A warrior keeps winnin’


Certified Meditation Teacher (Two Hundred Hours)


I have always had a longing for assisting others.

Putting people in the best position to win is name of the game, let’s take aim.

Guidance is key when dealing with the nuances of our day to day, not only from valid outside sources but self-awareness as well!

I collaborate with my clients to understand where their needs are for building a foundation to grow and flourish, preserving an ideal space to thrive within!


With understanding that Life Is Process we will make significant use of patience, consistency, and time to garner success!


Do not be afraid to reach out if any questions come to mind!

Thank you for your time.

~Knapps 😁


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