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Live Your Yoga and Meditation with Pauline

Live Your Yoga and Meditation with Pauline


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J u s t B r e a t h e

“Practice of pranayama naturally slows the breathing, which in turn makes the heart calmer and calmer as demonstrated by a statistically significant decrease in heart rate after five minutes of SDB. Transient and rapid excitation of cardiovascular system during SDB suggests that the multiple regulatory mechanism at play like mechanical coupling, baroreflex and central mechanisms. Slow yogic breathing (pranayama) may serve as a physiologic method to draw upon cardio-vagal reserve and regular practice of these manoeuvres may beneficially affect cardiovascular autonomic regulation in health and in various cardiovascular diseases.”

J u s t B r e a t h e

“These demonstrate slow breathing is indeed capable of shifting sympatho-vagal balance toward vagal activities and increasing baroreflex sensitivity, suggesting a safe, therapeutic approach for essential hypertension.”

J u s t B r e a t h e

“It is concluded that voluntary diaphragmatic breathing at <10 or 6 breaths per minute for 10 min twice a day for 4 weeks was effective in producing positive outcomes. The results of this review provide directions for related interventions and future research.”

J u s t B r e a t h e

An aspirant and attentive student of life, Pauline’s life’s mission is to contribute to the Inner and outer healing of humanity.

As a Yoga Instructor, and transformative meditation practitioner, she also provides Healthy  Self Initiatives and Wellness Coaching, to help support positive outcomes and achievements of goals.

She knows the answers we seek are already within us, and can provides support,  both on and off your yoga mat.

She believes in the practices of Yoga and Meditation and knows them improve health and will teach you how to use various methods as  important tools in achieving balance, strength and harmony within one’s self.  She knows dissolution of stress, can be achieved through the breath. She knows  that feelings of personal and emotional stuck-ness in outdated patterns, can be lovingly interrupted and alleviated through Yoga, Breath work,  Mindfulness and Meditation.  She knows these practices offer internal power and awareness to strengthen us, to overcome barriers and adapt to life’s sometimes swirling circumstances.

She is also interested in Ancient Kemetic Healing Practices of Yoga and meditation and is certified in Racial Trauma Release and Inner Alchemy.

Pauline supports the idea that health can be experienced as an outcome of ordinary everyday choices.  To increase awareness of healthy food choices, she co-conceptualized, co-owned and co-operated the most wonderful health initiative known as “Live It Not Diet” – Healthy Food Store and Caribbean Cafe.

Other health initiatives included weekly “Healthful Tips for the Conscientious Eater”, a radio health awareness segment.  Her work and personal focus on holistic practices to support health and brings balance to the body and peace to the mind, have spanned over 40 years.

As her life’s mission evolves as a Poet, Yoga and Meditation Teacher, she is committed to continue her contributions to the liberation and healing of global humanity through her practice and offerings.

Pauline is also a grateful MeMa,

to the most joy producing,

heart warming,

inner cup

full to the brim with love,


of abundant Joy

on top of joy.

All of this caused

by a Spirited,

solar system,

science loving,

dinosaur toting

little boy…

who I Love and know

…as my Grandson.


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