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Kate Fink Mindful Meditation

Kate Fink Mindful Meditation


Product Description

Hi! My name is Kate and I am a Meditation Facilitator

I am a certified Meditation Teacher (200 hr CMT), currently in a 500 hr Meditation teacher course.

My tryst with the world of meditation and yoga began 20 years back, and since then my passion for it has only grown. It was only after my retirement from my Nursing career that I was fueled with an ardent desire to share my knowledge and expertise of meditation practices with the world outside.

I am continually drawn to the idea of helping others explore their rich inner lives by tapping into the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of meditation. From my personal experience, I have come to believe that meditation has the power to transform us into becoming more conscious, mindful, kind, loving and compassionate beings. It improves your health, relationships and performance at work by helping you navigate out of your different emotional triggers.

I strongly believe that Meditation is not just a stepping stone to your physical and emotional well being, but also instrumental in transforming your perspective about your own self and the world outside. My ultimate vision is to share such skills that help you achieve a mind-body balance by aligning your thoughts and reconnecting with your true self. Looking forward to helping in your inner journey to becoming the best version of yourself!


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