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Hina Bakshi Happy Mind Meditation

Hina Bakshi Happy Mind Meditation


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Hi! I’m Hina and I have a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology and I am a 200 hour Certified Meditation Teacher. I am currently working on my 500 hour Meditation Teacher training as well.

I never thought my life would lead me in the path it has!  With a pilot husband and two little kids at home (21 years ago), life brought many blessings and challenges as a stay at home mom. I had to handle many of them on my own as my husband was usually flying around the world.  I “took care of” things pretty well on the outside. But on the inside I was frequently overthinking, worrying, and ruminating as many of us do.  Wondering “why me” when things were out of my control and just having a hard time accepting what was going on with lots of apprehension.  I honestly lived my life this way even as a teenager and young adult.

And then, one day, a friend recommended mindfulness and meditation when one of my children was going through a tough medical challenge…to bring some quiet to my mind.   I gave it a try, and over and over again I felt like “I wasn’t good at it.”  My mind wandered and I thought that was a sign of me failing.  But on the contrary, it was all contributing to the focus, clarity, peace, and open mindedness I began to experience on a daily basis.  Each day I felt more open and more willing to “go with the flow” of life and make better, more loving decisions.  I am so grateful to have found meditation as a tool that I can “reach for” at any time and I feel the pull and purpose of sharing that with everyone I meet, no matter their age.  My children are now young adults and in college.  Through my own experience I have been able to guide them on how to approach life with their own challenges with friends, college, and loving themselves as they are now. All through mindfulness and an open mind and heart.

There are so many myths that go along with the word meditation, and I strive to clear that up for people.  Myths such as “I can’t meditate”  “I can’t stop the thoughts in my mind, so why bother”.  Meditation is for everyone of any age.  Our minds are full of  thoughts, and those thoughts can keep grabbing our attention since that’s what our minds are made to do.  All it takes is some practice to watch them come and go. Allow me to help you declutter the mind and find the tools you have within you to create more focus, better decision making, confidence, calm, and clarity in your life!  And if it’s just peace, quiet and rest that your mind and body need, then meditation is also the perfect tool to reach for! Let me help you take it one breath and one day at a time.


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