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Hatha & Vinyasa with Punitha

Hatha & Vinyasa with Punitha


Product Description

Punitha’s inclusive view of yoga for weight-loss and flexibility inspires her skillfully sequenced classes that combine pranayama, surya namaskar, asanas and yoga nidra intelligently to leave students feeling invigorated and great. Her classes aim to develop an overall sense of strength, power and well being, regardless of level of ability.


An unique style of teaching blends both Vinyasa and Hatha yoga with emphasis on alignment, flexibility, core strengthening and balancing. Her classes are fluid and accessible for all age groups . Her studio has students from age of 5 to 50 years


She also teaches a fusion of practices that are grounded in Sivananda style, Bihar school of yoga and Krishnamacharya lineage and her teaching expresses the joy of movement, with a strong emphasis on finding the balance between strength and surrender. Her creative sequencing and passion for teaching from her heart, motivates her students to expand their potential and discover oneself.

Her classes typically bring you into a state of peace and relaxation that carries over to daily life.

If you are a beginner , her classes will methodically guide you and provide the basics of yoga to make yoga accessible to students of all levels.


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