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Adaptive Yoga with Amanda

Adaptive Yoga with Amanda


Product Description

I was recently asked, ‘Amanda, if you could do one thing that makes you happy, what would you do?’

With a smile and deep realization, I was able to answer honestly, ‘Exactly what I am doing.’

I feel so honored to get to do what I love.  Teaching yoga to and practicing yoga with all of the amazing people within my local community has helped to change not only the perception of a yogic lifestyle within my area, but also within myself. From very humble beginnings I started my journey and education and am now so very happy to offer a multitude of private classes, studio classes, and online zoom classes. I have my own studio where I get to teach teachers to grow their practice and help direct them toward a path of education that suits their personal journey while offering multiple workshops for YA CE credits. It is in these in-depth workshops where deeper understanding is created that are one of my specialties with the focus of making yoga available to all people, no matter your physical mobility.

I offer guided meditations, chair and restorative classes each week to my clients. These styles are often looked over in most studios.

My intention for the future is to continue teaching teachers (which is my passion and I feel is my calling) with a different perspective and deeper understanding with the soul of yoga. I also want to be able to reach outside of my community to support anyone who wants to explore the practices on the mat, but all the while, remembering that the asanas are but 1 of the 8 limbs of the yogic path of Patanjali. It is the journey of the other 7 limbs that I am most excited for you to carry with you.

I hold my 500 E-RYT, and RPYT, offer continuing education courses for registered teachers to meet YA standards. I have my womb wellness certification, my aerial yoga certification (which I use for restorative classes), Reiki level 1, Thai Bodywork certification, and additional anatomy certifications past my extensive yoga training. I am currently finishing my 100- and 200-hour meditation trainings through Yogamu. I have worked through the Yogamu 200 and the 300 hr YTT to deepen my studies, hear new information, different points of view, and teaching styles from beautiful teachers who can show new and unrealized prospective for my own personal journey. I have begun my registration for WYF, and my thai yoga bodywork certification provides me with a deeper knowledge and understanding in anatomy and mind body connections, and the interconnection of how it all weaves beautifully together.

I can offer yoga as a more restorative and mindful practice. I do not believe yoga stays on the mat; it is a practice you carry with you all the time. It pleases me to be able to offer more ‘parasympathetic’ or restorative classes, chair, and propped based classes with many pose variations. I have found that offereing these options and variations allows more accessibility for all body types. I work with people to find gentle movements to help assist in continued range of motion for those that may be in the process of healing or recovering from injury, surgery or just new to a movement practice.



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