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Namylon Meditations

In January 2020, I fell down a flight of stairs (13 steps to be exact) and faceplanted myself onto the concrete  floor of the basement of my house. By a mere stroke of fate, I somehow survived that fall with minimal  injuries. It was an accident that could have just as easily paralyzed me or ended my life. The recovery  period gave me an opportunity to reflect on my life, the way I was living it, and its place in the nature of  the universe.

Since then, I’ve become active in mindfulness and meditation; heavily contemplating the  works of Thich Nhat Hanh, absorbing Jon Kabat-Zinn’s modern approach to awareness, started writing  and recording meditative music and guided meditations, and dedicating my life, in general, to awareness  of the moment and living in the now.

I feel my purpose, my ikigai, is to compassionately help others to  live fuller lives and mindfully manage the setbacks and sufferings the act of being alive presents us.



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