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Meditation, Mindfulness, Poetry $15.00 - $150.00

Happily Meditated with Christy Evers/ Personalized Meditations Tailored to your Intentions & Goals

I provide personalized guided meditations for groups and individuals to help you set your intentions in order to reach your goals and desires but most important, I help you disconnect from self-limiting and negative beliefs that hold you back and keep you from realizing your true self.

I also offer creative meditation facilitation for retreats, conferences or other group events.  Pricing is calculated based on an individual basis.

In addition to traditional meditation, I also use creative meditation techniques that include art, journaling and other types of activities for those who prefer a creative and tactile approach to mediation. I offer a variety of techniques to connect the heart of my clients with the peace they are so often seeking.




  • Welcome/Planning Session

    Introductory session where we discuss your intentions, goal and meditative style in order for me to creat a 30 minute or 1 hour personalized meditation tailored specifically to you

    $ 15.00
  • 30 minute personalized guided meditaiton

    30 minute live, personalized, guided meditation tailored to your intentions and goals. must book introductory welcome session first

    $ 30.00
  • 1 hour personalized, live, guided meditation

    1 hour guided, live, meditaiton tailored to your specific intentions and goals. Must book Introductory Welcoms session first.

    $ 50.00
  • 30 minute general, calming meditation

    30 minutes of a genearlized calming meditation

    $ 20.00
  • 1 hour general calming meditation

    1 hour of a genearlized, calming meditation

    $ 40.00
  • 30 minute creative meditation (art, journaling etc.)

    30 mintues of a live, guided creative meditation personalized to your goals, intentions and preferences. Must book an introductory Welcome session first.

    $ 35.00
  • 1 hour creative meditation (art, journaling. etc)

    1 hour guided, personalized creative meditation based on your intention, goals and preferences. Must book an introductory welcome session first.

    $ 60.00
  • online online Group Meditation

    I will lead your group through a 30 minute guided meditation online

    $ 100.00
  • in person guided meditation

    I will lead your group through a guided meditation. If you prefer a creative meditation, cost of materials is not included

    $ 150.00


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    Added By Christy Evers

    Christy Evers

    After years of loss, depression and disease, I found myself on a perpetual downward spiral of negativity.

    Finally I realized that the only thing standing in my way of happiness was my negative mindset. I sought out meditation and yoga to transform my thinking, and it was the best thing I’ve ever done. It literally saved my life.

    Now, as a certified meditation facilitator and member of meditation alliance international, I’m dedicating my life to helping others find joy in their path of shedding negative layers to realize their true self. Join me on my Facebook page for daily inspiration or book private sessions with me at where I personalize guided meditations specifically to your intentions and goals. I’d love for you to get happily meditated with me!

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