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Pradeep Kentura

Pradeep Kentura

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My yoga journey

I grew up in a spiritual family. My late mother practiced yoga daily and my father still practices. All of my life I have been doing yoga and been aware of its benefits.I trained in Rishikesh (India), which is the yoga teacher training centre. I obtained my Diploma here from Swami Vivekananda, in addition I undertook 200 hours teacher training from Dharamshala HimachaL. For the last 3 years I have been teaching in Wales (United Kingdom). I have given live classes and online via zoom. I have taught in yoga Retreats, in Wales and in Nepal. Whilst in Wales I also taught online cookery classes, teaching how to cook traditional Indian curries. I have now returned to India to continue my journey.I am a qualified Graphic and Web Designer. When I left college, I worked for a multi national company earning good money but this did not make me happy. I knew that teaching yoga was my life. I have witnessed the incredible journey my students go on during my classes and the love and spiritual satisfaction this brings me.

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